IKFS Constitution

Constitution of the Indo-Kuwait Friendship Society

Article I 
Name, Logo and Affiliation:

The name of this organization shall be “Indo-Kuwait Friendship Society” at the State of Kuwait. This Society is not a part of any other organizations in Kuwait or in India, but holds all rights to become affiliated for the betterment of itself . Organizations or Associations restricting benefits to or discriminating otherwise on the basis of Caste, Creed, Color, Race or Religion or other forms of discrimination will not receive the support of IKFS services.

Any previous Constitutions quoted by IKFS will be nullified and the new constitution will be valid from 10th September, 2014 till 9th September 2017.
Various domain names can be used for the purpose of publicity.  However, 2  domain names are selected for the website and it would be:

www. indo-kuwaitfriendshipsociety.com



www. indo-kwtfriendshipsociety.com


Article II

Nature and Purpose:

 This Friendship Society shall be a non-secret, non-profit, socio-educational and cultural union for Indians in Kuwait. The purpose of the Indo-Kuwait Friendship Society is to unify the cultural and social differences and educate all Indians (in Kuwait) of the “cross-cultural” entity of Indo-Kuwait to maintain and preserve Indian Heritage and culture Also, jointly conducting Arab cultural programs especially Kuwaiti National Arts and Cultural Programs through organized gatherings of social, cultural, Art and educational festivals.

Article III

    Qualification of Membership:

The Indo-Kuwait Friendship Society opens membership to all Indians who completed their stay in Kuwait for more than 5 years who are interested in participating in the present, planning the future, and preserving the past of India’s culture and history. The Executive Committee (EC) will comprise of five (5) office bearers and not to exceed 10 including the additional members or the so called OFF-SITE Advisors. Each of whom shall be at least Twenty five (25) years of age and shall be responsible for the overall policies and operations of IKFS. Any individual, who has been an active member of IKFS for at least 4 years, may seek to be elected on the EC. Only TWO (2) members of a family can be members of the EC at any given time (the family for this purpose will be considered to be husband/wife/brother and their children). Membership rights cannot be transferred to heirs or any other related or unrelated individual(s). A special permission from the President is sought in case of reversal of this point.

Article IV (a)
Officers and Elections

The election of Executive Committee officers of The Indo-Kuwait Friendship Society shall be conducted by nomination and then democratic voting at the end of each 4 (Four) years.General Body meeting will be held at during the month of December.  Each office/ post will be based on nominations and may beselected by majority of the votes regardless of the number of members present at the meeting. These rules conduct the elections for the posts of President, Two Vice Presidents (1st Vice President & 2nd Vice President), General Secretary (Correspondent Secretary), Two Joint Secretaries (Recording Secretary+ Coordination) and Two Treasurers (Treasurer& Assistant Treasurer).

Article IV (b)

Quorum & Description of Duties:

The quorum requirements for changes to the constitution shall consist of two-third of the complete membership. The quorum requirement for an annual general body shall be no less than 15 voting members present at the meeting.

The President shall be the chief executive officer of the organization. President will have the veto power in all decisions. The veto vote will nullify all the decisions whether its majority or minority taken by the E.C. He/she shall preside at all meetings of the members and the EC, oversee the general and proper conduct of the business of the IKFS and shall ensure that all the decisions and resolutions of the General Body of members and the EC are carried out appropriately. The President shall render an annual report on the status of organization at the annual meeting of the General Body of members. When necessary, the President shall have a tie-break vote, in addition to his/her individual vote. The duties of the President shall be: to appoint committees for the needs of the Society; to guide the activities and administer the policies based on the Constitution; to be the official representative of this Society when necessary or desirable. The President also has the option to appoint 1 (one) or 2 (two) OFF-SITE Advisors who will be non-members of IKFS who helps in linking the IKFS to the community. The OFF-SITE Advisors term will also be 3 (Three) years, and renewable upon new election.

The duties of the 1stVice President shall be; to preside at the meetings when the President is absent;The duties of the 2ndVice President shall be; to preside at the meetings when the President is absent;and 1st Vice President (both) are absent then to preside the meeting s to assume the duties of the presidency  or should the President be unable to serve; to assist in administrating the affairs of the Society.

The duties of the General Secretary (Corresponding Secretary) and the  duties of 2 Joint Secretaries (Recording Secretary& Coordination) is one of joint status; to keep the record of membership; to carry on the correspondence of the organization; to aid the officers in all means when needed at meetings. Minutes of the meeting should be prepared during the convention of the each meeting and conclusion of the decisions should be read before wind up the meeting. The duties also include: to keep all the records including photographic and Video-graphic records of the organizations activities; to submit articles and pictures to compile into a scrapbook that must be submitted to the President.

The duties of the Treasurer& Assistant Treasurer shall be; to collect, safeguard, and disperse the funds of the Society; to keep a complete and accurate record of all financial transactions; to complete a financial report prior to each meeting; to pass on to the succeeding Treasurer all funds remaining in the treasury and to release funds under the guidelines provided by the President and/or Vice Presidents  on behalf of the members.

The OFFSITE Advisors of the Society will help the President to monitor all administrative and monetary dealings of the IKFS. The Advisors will aid President in all business of IKFS.

Article V(a)


E.C. Can nominate about 100 (maximum number) personalities both in Kuwait and India as Patrons OF IKFS. Senior Indian and Kuwaiti citizens are considered for the nomination.  Patrons can be nominated 3 prominent personalities  from each of State of India upon recommendation of President and or Executive committee.  Patrons can be any nationalities. Minimum 20% must be Kuwaiti nationals 40% Indian origins, and remaining 40% are allotted for various global nationalities residing in Kuwait or any parts of the world.

Article V (b)

Role of Patrons:

Patrons will help to enhance further development of IKFS.  Patrons will support for building and extending Cultural, Social, Friendship between the people without looking into religion, caste, creed or color.  Patrons will advise from time to time for extending relief works to the less privileged people in India and in Kuwait or any parts of the world.

Patrons will not have voting rights. Age restrictions are not applicable to the Patrons.

Article VI (a)

Unassigned duties:

Members of EC without assigned office titles shall assign amongst themselves with the consultation of the President to carry out any functional assignments including: correspondence with organizations, public relations, follow-up of projects, etc. Each member shall provide the EC a progress/status report at each meeting.

Article VI (b)

Resignation /Vacancy of EC members:

An EC member may resign at any time by a notice of 14 days in writing. It is expected that such resigning member will discharge any accrued obligation and / or duty to the IKFS. In the event a member of the EC resigns during the term of office, the remaining members of the EC may nominate a new member to replace the retiring member with a simple majority of the EC. The General Body should ratify such nominated member by a simple majority of votes of the attending members at its next meeting. The General Body may elect another member to replace the outgoing member to complete the term of the retired EC member.

Article VI ( c )

Removal of EC members:

 An EC member may be removed from office without cause by vote of two-third (2/3) of the attending members at a General Body meeting called for this purpose. Voting will take place by secret ballot cast in person or by proxy. Removal for cause shall be by a two third (2/3) majority vote of all EC members. However, President is the final decision maker. The EC may recommend to the GB the termination and discontinuation of any membership not in the best interest of the organization or its goals and objectives. The member – whose membership is subject to termination – may oppose this decision and must be permitted to make a formal statement at a GB explaining his or her reasons for protesting the decision of the EC. The GB will determine by a simple majority vote if such membership shall be terminated. A member, whose membership is terminated, will not be entitled to any refund of his contribution to ICS; further, members who have had their membership terminated shall not be readmitted to IKFS for a period of 3 years following the termination of membership.

Article VII

The Indo-Kuwait Friendship Society at Kuwait will conduct at least one announced meetings in each 2 months and at least 4 (four) Executive Committee meetings for all officers per year. All meetings will be held in Kuwait unless they are otherwise planned in advance.

The membership dues are very important for the organization to exist and carry out its purpose. Each new member must pay US$100/- (One hundred U.S. Dollars) for the first year and thereafter must pay US$50/- (Fifty U.S.Dollars). Any additional membership fee will be notified upon requirements and will be collected by the Treasurer. A balanced financial statement will be provided by the Treasurer to all Executive Committee members at the beginning of every meeting. Also a final yearly report on the finances of the IKFS will be submitted to the Executive Committee and to the Advisor.

Article VIII (a)


The EC or any officers acting in their official capacity on IKFS’ behalf shall not be held financially liable jointly and/or separately for the transactions conducted on behalf of IKFS. However, the members of the EC and or any officers shall be personally liable for the consequences of any fraud or criminal conduct. The EC shall not be responsible for Unapproved expenses exceeding $200/-(U.S. Dollars Two hundred only).

Article VIII (b)


The EC shall not be responsible for Any financial commitment made by any member without the EC approval.

Article IX
FOUNDING Members’ status in the IKFS:

Founding MEMBERS (4) of IKFS are the permanent (Life) Patrons of IKFS. They are the life members of IKFS:


2) Advocate : Sayid Mohamed Nizar, (B.Sc. LLB),

3) Mr. A.K.S. Abdul Nazar, (B.Com),

4) Mr. IftekharAhamad, (M.Com).

Since they are the brain and back-born of IKFS, They are allowed to attend any functions conducted by IKFS or’ programs arranged by IKFS with joint coordination of  any associations both in Kuwait, India or abroad, and it is preferred to nominate Founding president for the attendance.   It is applicable for the Programs or events, invitations received from International or local Governmental, Global and or Local Associations or organizations.

  Article X

Constitution Amendments:

Any and all changes to the Constitution of the Indo-Kuwait Friendship Society must be submitted into the constitution in the form of an amendment at the end of each 2 years. However if it is necessary, this can be discussed at any time. The passing of the Amendment must be done through standard procedures consisting of an introduction to the change, a motion of opening discussion, a motion to discuss, a motion to close discussion, a motion to vote and finally a passing of the amendment by the majority of attending members at a meeting. The motion must be announced at least 2 weeks prior to the voting. Each motion above must be acknowledged by a second in order to continue. All other procedures will follow as per the standard Rules of Order. The Executive Committee (EC) may, from time to time, add new categories of membership subject to the approval by a simple majority of attending members in the Annual General Body meeting in the following year.

Article XI

Termination of the membership:

Termination of the Membership A member may request to terminate his or her membership. No refunds of membership or other donations can be claimed or disbursed at any time. A membership is not transferable.

Article XII (a)
Cooperation with other Associations in Kuwait/India:

In the event any Indian Association in Kuwait wishes to cooperate and coordinate with the activities of IKFS , then the guidelines for membership will be set out by the E.C. & OFF-SITE Advisors with the coordination of the President.

Article XII (b)

Selection of the Associations:

 In case of IKFS would like to conduct programs and required a large crowd to get the clear message to the community, then E.C. is allowed to select number of Associations to whom IKFS can cooperate for the purpose of mutual benefits of the communities both in Kuwait and in India. Associations should be a registered organization with Indian Embassy in Kuwait or abroad. Should be non-profit, welfare, socio-cultural association.

Article XII (a)

In the event that the Indo-Kuwait Friendship Society fails to carry its operations as per the Constitution as a non-profit socio cultural friendship Society, and or as per the rules of Kuwait or India that do not allow to carry out smooth running of the society activities, an immediate dissolution notice will be announced between the Executives and Members.

Article XII (b)
Disposal of IKFS assets:

In the event of dissolution, all the remaining assets and any property of the organization shall after necessary expenses thereof be distributed to (the money raised by the members ) needy and poor people in Kuwait or in India and as per the instruction of the President.

Article XII (c)

Legal help:

IKFS Executives will seek Legal help from Indian Embassy in Kuwait or thru’ any local or International  legal experts to smooth settling of the legal issues if it happens.

(Endorsed as on 10th Sept. 2014)