Indo-Kuwait Friendship Society Office bearers met H.E. Satish Mehta, the Ambassador of India to Kuwait, and handed over the Constitution of IKFS and list of its Executives. IKFS complimented H.E. for the new assignment in Kuwait. President of IKFS, Dr. Ghalib Al-Mashoor introduced its office-bearers and Patrons of IKFS such as : R B Sree Kumar, IPS, Sayid Munawar Ali Shihab Thangal (President of K. M. Data Bank) ,Mansour Marzook Abdullah (Former Captain of Kuwait National Hand Ball Team) Dr. M.K. Munir (Minister of Kerala State Social Welfare), Jassim Al-Ajmi, (Administrative Service Manager, Kuwait) Mohammed Al-Sarraf, CFA (Businessman, Kuwait), Dr. Kiran Bedi, IPS, Sami Bubere (Editor of New Delhi based Gulf Times), Ms. Rimpa Siva (Calcutta’s world famed Artist ). A.K. Abdul Nazar explained that IKFS is a non-profit Association and will not contest with other Indian Associations (Registered with Indian Embassy) who are already in different fields of community works but will coordinate with them by aiming to build self confidence and friendship among different communities stationed in Kuwait. IKFS will strive to achieve maximum benefits to its Indian communities while preserving both Indian and Kuwaiti traditional values and customs thru relationship.

IKFS (www.indo-kuwaitfriendshipsoceity.com) officials explained about their past activities and future programs to be implemented in the educational and philanthropic fields both in India and Kuwait to cement the bilateral friendship between Kuwait and India. Pradeep Kumar and Iftekhar Ahmed indicated that IKFS is planning to admit minimum 10 – 15 members from each states (India’s 28 different states) who are residing in Kuwait and will not engage with entertainment or crowd-pulling programs.

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 L to R: Dr. Ghalib Al-Mashoor, President of IKFS, H.E. Satish Mehta, Indian Ambassador, Ifetkhar Ahamed, Treasurer,IKFS, and S.R. Pradeep (Joint Secretary, IKFS)

L to R: Dr. Ghalib Al-Mashoor, President of IKFS, H.E. Satish Mehta, Indian Ambassador, Ifetkhar Ahamed, Treasurer,IKFS, and AK Abdul Nazar(Secretary, IKFS)


A friendship society has been newly established in Kuwait to cement the bilateral friendship relationship between India and Kuwait. The founding President Ghalib Al-Mashoor is having more than 30 years of working experience in Kuwait, and other Arab countries said in a statement that the committee is open for all, despite of creed and religion and who are having acquaintance with Kuwaiti and Arab culture and having spent about 10 years of life time in Kuwait. IKFS willing to dedicate its full energy for the community works while preserving identity of Indian cultural heritage. Other office bearers include Advocate: Sayid M Nizar (Vice President), A K S Abdul Nazar (General Secretary), S R Pradeep (Joint Secretary) and Iftakhar Ahamed (Treasurer). Some of the PATRONS of IKFS include : Jassim Al-Ajmi, (Adm. Manager), Sayid Munavvar Ali Shihab Thangal, (Kerala Youth League Leader) Dr. Kiran Bedi, IPS.,(Former DGP) Rimpa Siva, (Globally famed Artist) R B Sreekumar, IPS., (Former DGP) Dr. M.K. Muneer (Former Minister of Kerala), Suhel Tirmizi (Attorney at Allahabad High Court)), Sayid Nasir Thangal (Chairman of KKMCC & KKSMC), Sami Burbere (Editor, Gulf magazine, New Delhi), Mohamed Al-Qahtani. CFA (Business Executive – Kuwait) Binesh Kodiyeri (Business Executive, Dubai) and Mohamed Al-Sarraf, CFA (Business Owner), Dr. Ahmed Ghazi (Former President of IMWA & FIMA). IKFS is planning to launch many events during the coming months which would be beneficial to the community both humanitarian and cultural.


                         IKFS shares the historic happy moment of Kuwait’s 50th Independence day and 20th Liberation Day & 5th anniversary of the ascendance of H.H. the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah. Kuwait and India always have deep-rooted parallel strand in making new era with amicable peaceful, mutual co-operation, great respect and the traditional friendly reciprocated relations. “IKFS express its passionate greetings and convivial wishes to our Kuwaiti brothers and sisters in celebrating three landmark events in the modern Kuwait. With great keenness and pleasure India and the whole Indian community in Kuwait joins the celebration of the 50th National Day, 20th Liberation Day and 5th anniversary of the ascendance of our beloved H.H. the Amir to the leadership of the state of Kuwait .