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Engineer: Abdul Razzak Rumane, Ph.D. Dr. Biswaroop Roy Choudhury, Ph. D. Janab: Muzammil Malik saheb
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Muslim Saleem Thumbay Moideen DR. MOHAMED SALEEM NADWIFounding Chairman, Taba Knowledge Centre
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بدر ناصر العتيبي

Bader Nasser Alotaibi

shaji dr-moh-tariq dr-anees
Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA)
Azhikode, Kannur District, Kerala, India
 Dr. Mohamed Tariq
Founder of Paradigm Pioneers in UAE
Dr. Anis Ahmad
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 Dr. Salimur Rahman Khan Nadwi
Chairman, Nadwa Islamic Education Center-Japan
Fr. Davis Chiramel
Kidney Federation of India

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Justice Rajindar Sachar was born in Lahore (Now a part of Pakistan) on 22nd December, 1923. His Father was Late Shri Bhim Sen Sachar FreedomFighter in Independence Movement for India against the British. Was a Congress leader of Legislative Party in Punjab Assembly. Minister in 1946 in Govt. of Punjab.

He Was the first Chief Minister of Punjab (India) immediately after the first general election held in 1952. Was Governor of Orissa and Andhra Pradesh from 1956-1961. He was also High Commissioner for India to Sri Lanka from 1965 to 1966.

Justice Sachar holds B.A (Hons) from Government College Lahore (1943) And was awarded Roll of Honours by the Govt. College as an outstanding sportsmen.

In 1946 got L.L.B. Degree from Law College, Lahore in Ist. Division. He was a Triple holder of Punjab Lawn Tennis Championship held at Lahore.

In 1947 He Joined Congress Socialist Party worked on Trade Union front in All India Railwaymen’s Fedration Lahore Branch.

Worked in Hind Mazdoor Panchayat at Delhi on Textile Union front. General Secretary of Power House worker Unions.


1948 – 52: Member Socialist Party (Delhi Branch) Incharge Trade unions, along with law practise Delhi

1948 November: One day token strike was called by the Trade Unions in Delhi and was detained in prison for five days by the Delhi Administration.

December 1948: At Calcutta participated as a forming Member of Hind Mazdoor Sabha Calcutta.
1949 May: Was a Member of the Executive Committee of the Socialist Party of Delhi. Participated in the demonstration held near Nepal Embassy, Delhi against Rana take over of Nepal.

Was arrested along with Dr. Lohia and 40 others. Remained in jail at Delhi for over a month and a half when the case was withdrawn by Delhi Administration.

Was General Secretary of the New Delhi Municipal Workers Union.

Year Nature of Profession

1952 Started practice in Punjab High Court at Shimla.
1964 Was a counsel for the memorialists in the Enquiry against S. Pratap Singh Kairon, Chief Minister, Punjab held by Chief Justice Mr. S.R. Das (Retd.).
1967-68 Was unanimously elected as President of Punjab and Haryana High Court Bar Association Practiced there till February, 1970.
1970 (February) Appointed Judge of the High Court of Delhi.
1973 Constituted a one man Enquiry Committee which enquired into Boeing 737 Air Crash in which Mr. Mohan Kumaramanglam, the Union Minister for Steel was killed.
1975 Was invited by Pakistan and attended International Jurists Conference held in Lahore.
1975 (May) Appointed the First Chief Justice of Sikkim High Court when Sikkim became part of India. Set up the High Court of Sikkim.
1977 Appointed Chairman of the High Powered Expert Committee (commonly known as Sachar Committee) set up by the Government of India to review the Companies Act and MRTP Act. These recommendations have been accepted and incorporated in the 1984 Amendment Act and the 1988 Amendment Act –
He is one of the patrons of the Indian Council of Legal Aid and Advice Society. Was as Honorary Vice-President of the Indian Society of International Law.
1981(June 18-20) Was invited by International Association of Democratic Lawyers and participated in Conference held at Moscow.
Was also invited as guest of the Lawyers Association of G.D.R. and Poland. He spent four days each in both these countries and discussed the matters concerning legal reforms and problems with Lawyers Association in those countries.
1985 (August) Appointed as Chief Justice of Delhi High Court in August, 1985.
1985 (December) Retired on December 22, 1985.
1986-1994 Was President of Peoples Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL).
1986 Arawal (Bihar killings) given on behalf of PUCL
1988 PUCL Enquiry into Meerut Communal Riots. Its other members were Sh. Inder Gujral, Former Prime Minister, Govt. of India, Shri A.M. Khusro, Former Vice Chancellor A.M. University.
1989 Attended as UNICEF Delegate (India). International Conference on the Protection & Promotion of Child Rights held at Beijing, PeoplesRepublic of China in November 20-24. The Conference was organized jointly by UNICEF, Beijing and China Law Society, Boston College Law School, U.S.A.
Was appointed on Khuda Baksh award Committee (Patna).
1990-1994 Was elected as a Member of U.N. Sub-Commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities.
1992 Was a member from India to SAARC consultative conference on Rights of child, held, in collaboration with UNICEFF at Sri Lanka Colombo.
1992 Was appointed by the United Nations Commission on Human Rights to engage in a two year study on the issue of promoting and realization of the Right to adequate Housing.
Was invited and addressed the annual meeting of UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Geneva in December, 1992.Govt. of India had nominated him as a member to the following:2010 National Integration Council of India.b) National Reception Committee on the visit of Dr. Nelson Mandela.c)National Committee for the Centenary Celebrations of Baba Sahib Dr. B.R. Ambedkar.
1993 (April) Was an invitee and attended in April 1993 a session of the preparatory Committee meeting at Geneva for preparation of programme for World Conference on Human Rights being held at Vienna (Austria) in June 1993.
1993 (June) Participated and addressed the Plenary Session of World Conference on Human Rights in Vienna. (Austria)
1993 (September) Delivered key Note Address at the International Seminar Organized by Habitat International Coalition held at Manila on 29th September, 1993 on “Legal Aspects in Enforcing and Implementing Housing Rights”.
1994 (July) Was invited and joined Housing Rights consultation arranged by Palestine Human Rights Information Centre at Jerusalem.
1994 (December) At the invitation of Urban Poor Associates (U.P.A.) Manila joined a fact find group to enquire into the housing conditions in Kuala Lampur with reference to some areas.
1995 (April) Was invited to attend and address the 15th session of the Commission on Human Settlements, and the second preparatory committee meeting of the Habitat II Conference held at Nairobi (Kenya) from 24th 5th May, 1995.
1995 (August) Presented his Final Report on the Right to adequate housing, to U.N. Sub-Commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities.
1995 (September) Was invited to attend and address a seminar in Stockholm (Sweden) on “Housing – a Human Right” organized by Swedish Non-governmental organizations and Networks.
1996 (January) Was invited to (Expert Group Meeting on the Human Right to Adequate Housing Organized by United Natins Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat) and the United Nations Centre for Human Rights.
1996 (May) Was invited by the Asian Human Rights Commission Hong Kong to Chair the consultation on Human Rights to housing – a consultation prior to UN meeting on Habitat II being held in Istanbul.
1996 (June) Was invited by the Habitat International Coalition to attend and participate on the panel at a public hearing held at Istanbul on 6th June in connection with Habitat-II.
1997 (February) Was a member of the Non-Governmental Election Observers from SAARC to oversee the National Assembly Elections held in Pakistan on February 3, 1997.
1997 (May) Was invited by the Asian Coalition for Housing Rights Habitat International Coalition – Asia to attend the participate the Eviction Watch and Housing Rights Regional Meeting, at Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
1997 (October) Participated in International Seminar on Electoral Reforms of FEMA and Election Commission of Bangla Dash.
1998 (May) Was invited and attended a seminar on the ThemeCities and Sustainable Development at Geneva on May 28th to 30th organized by Barcelona City Council and on the invitation of the Organizing Committee for the European Conference Cities for Human Rights.
1998 (July) Was awarded Gulzari Lal Nanda award (named after former Prime Minister of India), presented by Sh. K.R. Narayaanan, President of India.
1999 (February) Was invited by Netherland Institute of Human Rights to participate in the Expert Conference “Residency in Jerusalem and International Law” at Utrecht and read paper on “Housing Rights under International Law.
1999 (March) Was invited by United Natins Conference on Human Settlements (Habitat II) and the office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights which was held at Geneva.
1999 (April) Was invited to as a member of the delegation of legal experts by Palestinian and Israeli Human Rights Organizations to join in their campaign to and Jerusalem Identity Card confiscation and to participate in the hearing before the Israeli Supreme Court.
1999 (May) Was invited by Asian Network as observer for Free Election and National Election Observation Committee (NEDC) at Nepal.
2001 (April) Has been given Living Legend of Law Award by Bar of India.
2001 Has been elected a Trustee of Servants of People Society.
November 2001 JamiaHamdardUniversity, Delhi Faculty of Law has conferred a degree of Doctor of Philosophy.
2002 (August) Was one of the invitees and attended the 2nd International Conference on Federalism at St. Galen, Switzerland, held by European Parliament.
2003 (October) Was invited at an International Conference hosted by Brighton University of UK on Federalism and Human Rights.
2005 (March) Was appointed as Chairperson of the Prime Minister’s High Level Committee for Preparation of Report on Social, Economic and Educational Status of the Muslim Community of India.
2006 November, 17th . Submitted The Report to the Prime Minister of India. Government of India has accepted the report and has stated that it will be implementing the report.
2007 (April) World Punjabi Organization has given a Punjabi Ratan Award
2007 (August ) American Federation of Muslims of Indian Origin AFMI (USA and CANADA) have given 2007 Pride of India Award at its 17th Annual Convention held in HoustonTexas
2007 (October) Was invited to attend and participated as Delegate (India.) at a International Conference on “Countering Radicalization: Perspectives and Strategies from Around The Globule” Hosted by the Dutch Minister of Interior, and The Minister of Justice – At Hague, Netherland.
2007 (15th November) Was invited by Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys’ Association (AMUOBA) as the “Chief Guest” on “Sir Syed Day” at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
2008 (January ) Government of India offered PADAMA Award but he refused.
2008 ( February ) Was a member of Three Member Jury Panel of The International Citizens Tribunal on Lebanon against the Israeli authorities by the victims of the war of July 12 – August 24, 2006 held on February 22-23-24,2008 at Brussels.
2008 ( March ) Delivered The Annual Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Memorial Lecture on 1st March, 2008 at Aiwan-e-Ghalib, New Delhi, held by Ghalib Institute.
2008 Was invited by Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys’ Association (AMUOBA) as the “Chief Guest” on “Sir Syed Day” at Lucknow (U.P.)
2009 ( July 9th ) Delivered the Annual Lecture on “Constitution and Minorities” at the invitation of National Minority Commission of India.
2009 ( August ) Participated in the workshop organized by Centre for Study of Globalization and Regionalization University of Warwick. Coventry along with CairoUniversity held at Cairo (Egypt) in 06 August, 2009.
2010 ( January ) Was a member of Permanent People’s Tribunal – Tribunal on Sri Lanka Hosted by The Irish School of Ecumenics, Trinity College Dublin (Ireland)
2010 ( February ) Delivered Saint Kabir Memorial Lecture at JawaharlalNehruUniversity (JNU) New Delhi.
2012 (April) Released a Book on the life of (Urdu) poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz at Jawahar Lal Nehru University.
2012 (May) Delivered Keynote Address at All India Muslim Education Conference at Jaipur.
2013 (June 12th, ) President of India in his capacity as a visitor of Maulana Azad National Urdu University, Hyderabad has approved his name for the Award of Honoris Causa at 5th Convocation of the University to be held on August 24th, 2013.





1947-48 Worked on Trade Union in Delhi Textile Mills .Was the General Secretary of Delhi Chemical Mazdoor Union, Power House Workers Union.
1948 (December) Was a Founding Member at the Hind Mazdoor Sabha Conference held in Calcutta.
1951 Was a member of the Executive Committee of the Punjab Socialist Party.
1955-56 Was the Chairperson of the Sanyukta Socialist Party and also a member of the National Executive of the party, and continued his trade union and party activities.
1970 Till he was appointed in February 1970 a Judge of the Delhi High Court.
1992 Is a member of Indo-Pak Friendship Association. Also a member of Indo-Pak Dialogues group and has participated in meetings at Delhi and Islamabad in 1992.
2004-05 Was invited and addressed Lahore (Pakistan) High Court Bar Association.Was presented a Shield as “HONOURABLE GUEST” By The Association


R.B. Sreekumar a native of Ooruttampalam in Trivandrum District, Kerala, was born on 1947 February 12. He is holding post-graduate degree in History,Gandhian philosophy,law, litreature.He was the kerala university rank holder during his academics.BBC news once mentioned him as TIRLESS CRUSADER OF SOCIAL JUSITCE. A 1971 batch IPS officer, Sreekumar joined in Gujarat police force in 1972 and continued till his retirement in 2007 as additional director general of Police. He is the grand son of famous revolutionary freedom fighter and nationalist Balaramapuram g raman pilla who foughted against british for independence and started a news paper called navashakti and was a famous journalist and writer too. He was additional DGP of Gujarat during Godra Incident and was Intelligence DGP during Gujarat communal violence 2002.His bravery and sincirety has been accepted by the UNO.Due to his affidivites and petitions Gujrat chief minister Narendra modi was denied of visiting united states by UNO.Sreekumar is former Gujarat State Director-General of Police. He came to limelight by exposing the alleged role of Gujarat government and its Chief Minister Narendra modi in Gujarat violence 2002 by preventing the police from carrying out their duties. Sreekumar was awarded the Medal for Meritorious Service in 1990 and a Medal for Distinguished Service in 1998 by the Government of India.Yet there are persons whose acts and whose deeds make one think twice before arriving at such a conclusion. The Gujarat incidents of 2002 threw up many such heroes whose tales of courage, conviction and dedication towards service have made it into the folklores. One such person is Mr RB Sreekumar, the then Additional Director General of Police, heading the Intelligence Department in Gujarat during those troubled times. Sreekumar was denied promotion by Gujarat government to the rank of Director General of Police after he deposed against the government before the Nanavati-Shah Commission looking into the 2002 Godhra carnage and subsequent riots. He took his case to the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) that gave its ruling in September 2006 in his favour. The state government then appealed to the vice-chairman of CAT, and subsequently to the Gujarat High Court, but Sreekumar came out victorious both times. Sreekumar had informed the Commission in detail how the police administration was made to compromise by the government during the riots. The Indian Administative Service (IAS) and the Indian Police Service (IPS) are considered among the crème-de-la-crème of the Indian bureaucratic arrangement. Despite all kinds of socio-political changes, people belonging to these services still have public respect and public faith towards them, though for many reasons, a kind of visible erosion is being perceived and there is a perception that the so-called Steel frame is no more of the same sterling quality it used to be.
Dr. Kiran Bedi born on June 9, 1949 at Amritsar in Punjab, needs no introduction, as her work speaks volume and she is not only an icon but also a role model for millions of Indians. She was the first Indian woman to join the Indian Police Services. She was one of the most renowned police officers, who have put in their whole hearted effort in serving the society. During her service as Inspector General of Prisons at Tihar Jail, – (one of world’s largest prison complexes, over 10,000 inmates). In 2007, she has taken voluntary retirement from service. Dr. Bedi is a true server of common people. She dreamt and worked for a better world and achieved it. She is giving her priceless services and suggestions to the masses through her program ‘Aap Ki Kachehri Kiran Ke Saath’ (Kiran Bedi’s court). Dr. Bedi is truly an icon of heroism. We thank Dr. Bedi’s as being one of the Patrons of IKFS and feels very proud and fortunate to have such a daring and truth full personality, a courageous lady with loads of substance.
Advocate: Suhel Tirmizi,
(Gujarat High Court)
Advocate: Tirmizi Mohammed Suhel Mohiyuddin hails from Ahmedabad (Gujarat) was born on 8th June, 1964. His education started from SSC from St. Xavier’s High School, Ahmedabad. and B. Com from H. L. College Of Commerce, and the professional Lawyer course (LL.B.) from M. N. Nanavati Law College, Ahmedabad.Advocate: Tirmizi enrolled as an advocate in the Bar Council of Gujarat in July, 1990.Tirmizi worked Paneled Advocate: at Ahmedabad District Panchayat, Gujarat between 2000 -2002, Junagadh District Panchayat, Gujarat between 2002 -2003, and Additional Central Government Standing Counsel of India from 17th August, 2004 to 28th December 2005. Other Aspects related to Tirmzi is that he has more than 85 reported judgments in various journals. Tirmizi appeared in number of Land Acquisition matters, Municipality and Panchayat Matters, Criminal matters and Civil cases at High Court of Guajrat.Tirmizi is known for his dedicated Humanitarian Approach: He has appeared in cases of poor hutments between 1999 and 2001. Also worked with Non-Governmental Organizations and appearance in the Gujarat’s 2002 cases exceeds 140 matters for victims. Tirmizi resigned as Addl. Central Government Standing Counsel on 28.12.2005 as he was required to file a writ petition seeking C.B.I inquiry in a riot related case where more than 21 dead bodies of victims of 2002 carnage were unearthed. The writ petition was filed on 28.12.2005 (after his resignation from Central Govt. panel) being Special Criminal Application No. 1875 of 2005, the High Court directed C.B.I to send the skeletons to Red Hill Laboratory, Hyderabad at the initial stage. Legal assistance to poor has been given top most priority and though permissible, He felt it improper to join C.B.I as respondent and also continue as counsel of central government.Strong supporter of Justice: Tirmizi’s steadfastness to fight for victims of Gujarat Riots that witnessed mass massacre. All cases have been fought pro-bono. Still the cases against mighty communal forces are being fought along with the NGO Ms. Teesta Setalvad. The only reason for such a fight is to instill confidence in the people, especially minorities in the constitution of India and also give a strong message to the communal forces that it would not be a cake walk for them to commit such offences and get away Honorably. Various courts have convicted the accused in the riot related cases of Gujarat and this is a trend setter as till today not a single accused of Sikh riots of 1984 is convicted so far. Proper assistance to the court and the victims would give a strong message to the communal forces.Accomplishments and Awards:The best Award of Excellence 2010 was delivered from U.S.A. by the Federation of Indian American Muslims (AFMI) – on 16th October, 2010), for unparalleled commitment and courage to seek truth and justice for Gujarat violence victims and for standing up against the forces of terror.
The best Award of Excellence 2009 was delivered from Kuwait, by Federation of Indian Muslim Associations (FIMA) on 25th December, 2009, in recognition of his outstanding and exemplary services towards the Social Justice and secularism in India.
The best Award of Excellence 2009 was delivered from New Delhi, India, by National Commission for Minorities on 18th December, 2009, in recognition of his outstanding contribution in safeguarding minorities rights and promoting communal harmony on the occasion of Minorities Rights Day).
APPOINTMENTS: Aug- 2007 to Aug 2012 – Appointed as a “Member, Durgah Committee, Durgah Khwaja Saheb, Ajmer”, by the Ministry of Minority Affairs, Government of India under , “The Durgah Khwaja Saheb, Ajmer Act, 1955”.17.06.2012 : Unanimously elected as a “Owner and Publisher” of a widely read Gujarati Daily newspaper “ Gujarat Today”. It’s a part of the activities undertaken by NGO “Lok-Hit Sarvajanik Trust”.17.06.2012 : Unanimously elected as a working vice president of “ Lok-Hit Sarvajanik Trust” . Active member of “Lok Hit Sarvajanik Trust” since over a decade and thereafter a Joint Secretary of the Trust. At present the working Vice- President of a trust that has huge network in Gujarat as it is involved in activities like education, free legal aid and guidance especially to minorities. The newspaper carries details of various employment opportunities and education related information for better future. The newspaper has wide circulation especially amongst the minority community. The newspaper gives impartial and clear picture of news and has proved to be very helpful to people who are deterred from accepting the bias reporting of ‘communally influenced’ newspapers, especially during riots.Since 2008 : Active member of Rotary Club of Ahmedabad imparting several humanitarian activities including free eye treatment, adopting municipal schools every year and trying to upgrade the standard of the school.Since 2009 : Life member of “Vishwa Gujarati Samaj” a NGO that brings closer Gujaratis all over the world.
Abdul Razzak Rumane, Ph. D.
Abdul Razzak Rumane Ph. D. is a certified consultant engineer in electrical engineering. He obtained a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) degree from Marathwada University (now Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University) India in 1972, and received his Ph.D. from Kennedy Western University (now Warren National University) in 2005. His dissertation topic was “Quality Engineering Applications in Construction Projects”. Dr. Rumane’s professional career exceeds 39 years including 10 years in manufacturing industries and about 29 years in construction projects. Presently he is associated with Al DAR Institute for Training & Education, Kuwait as Director, Construction Quality Management.Dr. Rumane is associated with a number of professional organizations. He is a fellow of The Institution of Engineers (India), and has an honorary fellowship of Chartered Management Association (Hong Kong). He is also a senior member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (USA), a Senior Member of American Society for Quality, a member of Kuwait Society of Engineers, a member of SAVE International (The Value Society) and is a certified AVS (Associate Value Specialist), member of Project Management Institute. He is also an associate member of American Society of Civil Engineers, a member of London Diplomatic Academy, Member of International Diplomatic Academy, and a member Board of Governors of International Benevolent Research Forum..As an accomplished Engineer, Dr. Rumane has been awarded an honorary doctorate in engineering from The Yorker International University. The Albert Schweitzer International Foundation honored him with gold medal for “Outstanding contribution in the field of electrical engineering/consultancy in construction projects in Kuwait”. European Academy of Informatisation honored him with “World Order of Science-Education-Culture” and a title of “Cavalier”, and The Sovereign Order of the Knights of Justice, England honored him Meritorious Service Medal. He was selected as one of the Top 100 Engineers in 2009 of IBC (International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, UK). He was also honorary chairman of The Institute of Engineers (India), Kuwait chapter for the years 2005 to 2007. Dr. Rumane is an author of book titled “Quality Management in Construction Projects” published by CRC Press (A Taylor & Francis Group Company), USA
Dr. Biswaroop Roy Choudhury, Ph. D.
Founder and CEODr. Biswaroop Roy Choudhury is having PhD in Mind Healing, Multiple Guinness World Records holder(Including Memory and Push-ups) and he also the Author of 25 book on Mind and Memory. Dr. Choudhruy is also the Founder and CEO of Dynamic Memory Pvt. Ltd established in 1999. . In Memory” he made world record by beating Germany’s Michaela Buchvaldova by recalling 14 randomly selected birth dates with names in the same order in 2 minutes on 20 July, 2006 at Hotel Le Meridian, Delhi. In Push-ups, he made world record (by breaking the record of Mr. Roy Bergor of Canada 138 push-ups in 1 minute) by attempting 198 Push-ups in 1 minute on 3 April 2007 at Hotel Le Meridian, New Delhi in front of prominent print and electronic media.Lately on April 20, 2010 he made Guinness World Records by making the Largest Screwdriver ‘at Oxford Book Store, Connaught Place.Moreover he is also an inventor of memory pen known as ‘Mnemonic Pen’ to enhance memory in a very easy way. He conducts seminars and workshops through out the globe. Apart from this, Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury holds World Wide Patent for his inventions – Memory Lab, Mnemonic Pen, Happiness Machine & Animated Cosmic Energy Card (ACEC) and his name is also mentioned in Oxford University’s official website for his contribution in the filed of memory traini
Dr. Lubna Sarwath, PhD, iWIL-IIMB won first Prize for her presentation entitled ‘Small is Big – Non-Exclusive Wellbeing of India’ at the Economics Debate Panel on “Eradicating Poverty in India and role of NRIs” conducted by Indo-Kuwait Friendship in Kuwait at “Plaza Athenee Hotel” on 29.01.2013.
Dr. Lubna Sarwath is from Hyderabad, India. She is a Visiting Lecturer at Trisakti University, Jakarta, Indonesia for ‘Political Economy of Institutionalism – Tauhidi perspective’. She is on the Editorial Board for a Management Journal and reviews articles for an International Refereed Journal. She is the founder-secretary of Shausaa’ Foundation and Director for POINTE (Platform for Occidental, oriental and Islamic Networking in Teaching and studying Economics), at Hyderabad, India. Her managerial work experience at public and private sectors include banking industry and a multi-national company.
Her PhD is in Islamic Economics & Finance from Trisakti Universtiy, Jakarta, Indonesia.
She holds Certificate in Political Leadership for Women ‘India Women in Leadership (iWIL)’ from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIM-B). She has an MBA from Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi. She obtained CAIIB from Indian Institute of Bankers and has an Advanced Diploma in Modern Arabic from EFLU, Hyderabad. Other areas of study include Diploma in Journalism and Media Utilization Course.She formulated ‘A General Theory of Institutionalism’ in her PhD thesis. According to her, premising on unity of knowledge is sine qua non to generate unified knowledge for attaining wellbeing of humanity. Her works emphasize on endogeneity of ethics.She presents papers at national and International Conferences. Her open lectures
at India and abroad include ‘Institutional Political Economy’, ‘Introductory Lecture on
Islamic Economics – An Institutional Perspective for Inclusive and Universal Wellbeing’,
and ‘Significance of Charity in Islam’ . She has visited Indonesia ,Turkey, Singapore and Saudi Arabia.She strives to blend academic and research know-do in economics with her on-field
grass-root experiences as social activist, in her endeavour for societal wellbeing premised on justice, equitability and peace. She associates herself with other activists on issues related to communal harmony, environment, marginalized sections, gender and heritage.

بدر ناصر العتيبي

Bader Nasser Alotaibi

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Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA)
Azhikode, Kannur District, Kerala, India
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